It is about a bold and brave movement for freedom!

Success strategies for women in business, corporate and politics are about so much more than superficial success…they are about LIBERATION!


I define liberation as freedom from limits.


For far too long, women in arenas of power have been limited, operating in an environment that creates imbalance, exhaustion, dissatisfaction and disempowerment.


We strive to succeed in an arena that doesn’t support our spirit, utilise our emotional gifts or revere our innate and sacred talents. We try to work in a system that is not designed for who we are.


The path to liberating all women in the world is first liberating ourselves.


There is only one way to achieve real liberation, and that is from the inside out. When we are free to operate from our power, to embody our gifts, to achieve our definition of success, to stand in our confidence and courage and to live our purpose in the world; then we are at the optimal place to influence the lives and environment around us.


This is the best way to navigate the arena and truly lead.


I have been helping women create a path to deeply satisfying success and personal freedom for almost two decades.


It is going to take all of us to create real change.

The business, corporate and political arenas are still disempowering for women. We are expected to work harder than men while getting less pay, appreciation and reward.


Whether we are operating our own business or working for someone else, we are expected to control our emotions, hold back our power and operate more like a man. 


If we are going to change the face of business, we have to start with ourselves, but do it together.


The Women in the Arena™ movement is about being more deliberate, empowered and aligned with who we are and what we want. It starts with learning the success strategies that will lead to real success, leadership and freedom. If you haven't listened to my podcast, check it out by clicking the button below.

"Liberation is real success...


When we break free of our limitations in mindset, action and understanding, we change the world."



Meet advocate for women in business.

I am a champion for women in business, a success strategist, lifetime entrepreneur, activist, mom, wife and committed self-developer. This is who I am in a snapshot.

First of all, let me tell you up front, that my work is my life.

There is no separation because I value integration. I live with integrity, wholeness or as Brené Brown coins it whole-heartedly.

I live my truth as much as possible and sometimes fail to see it or act on it. I am not perfect, nor want any part of a paradigm who values perfectionism. I own my shit when I do something wrong and I strive to take full responsibility for my actions and reactions.

I set boundaries and honour my power because I walk my talk.

I value myself because I know that valuing myself is the only way I can truly serve others. I live from the inside out, because I know that this is the only path to real success, no matter how hard or uncomfortable.

I focus on long-term strategies not quick fixes because I know from experience that surface success is way over-rated. I design my life and work by the way I want to live, and never by society’s standards.

I love being a woman, a mother and a business owner!!!!

They are all powerful facets of who I am and what I bring to the world.

Who I am becoming is always reflected in my work, because who I am determines what impact I can make on the world around me. This is why I am committed to self-development and constantly doing my own internal work.

I mostly live in the arena, and when I become aware I have inched to the sidelines, I breathe deeply, gather my courage and dive back in.

A little bit about my time in the arena

"I have a strong voice...

I’m not just a speaker, but a facilitator for change, a voice for liberation and also a woman living in the arena.”



Let's get real...I'm not your typical speaker.

I like juicy topics and controversial ideas. I push the boundaries, with love, but with deliberate intention to provoke a different viewpoint. I don’t do well with surface topics, because I prefer to dive in deep.


I am good at facilitating group experiences. I say facilitation because I really like it to be interactive, and not a one-way mirror.


I am more interested in the opportunity for transformation than the opportunity to just be heard.


I will always lean on the side of women because we have a huge amount of gender inequality that needs to be addressed. It doesn’t mean I don’t speak to audiences with men, but I don’t stick to topics that will make everyone comfortable.


I prefer to customize my speaking topics, tailoring my talks to your audience and the most relevant information I have from the arena.


A few examples of topics I have explored in the past two decades:

• Why you need to stop marketing and start connecting.

• The art of discernment and better decision making
• How to determine your direction in your business or career.
• Deliberately designing your business for success.
• Life purpose is just an impulse, you define how it moves the world.
• The true definition of personal power and why it is the path to success.
• Pricing, value and getting others to recognize your worth.
• How to set beautiful boundaries and navigate your relationships in business and outside of it.

A few words and experiences from my events:

My latest media & interviews around the globe.