Women in the Business Arena™ EP163: Being Courageous with Special Guest Franziska Iseli

“I think there's so much courage in committing to what we want and committing to where we really want to go, regardless of judgment of others, regardless of what everyone else wants, really just going for it. I think that's so powerful - but that, in my opinion, is freedom.” - Sonya Stattmann 

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that there is a lot of fear that crops up when you put yourself out there and build a business from scratch. Even if you don’t own your own business, it takes courage to craft a work life that is fulfilling and balanced. This goes for other areas of life, too - we have to tap into our bravery when we make decisions that affect our families and might take us out of our comfort zone.

We could all use a little extra courage, right? This week’s episode of the podcast is just the ticket. I sat down on Instagram Live (you can watch that here!) with the incredible Franziska Iseli (@franziskaiseli) to talk about courage and some of the amazing things she learned while writing her book The Courage Map: 13 Principles to Living Boldly.

“My definition of courage is that courage is not about being fearless. It's about taking action despite the fear. Courage is actually not about being fearless, and it's also not about being reckless. It's about taking action despite the fear. And it is a skill that can be learned.” - Franziska Iseli 

Franziska is an amazing person and entrepreneur and a master of living boldly. She is a leading marketing and brand strategist, mad adventurer, author and the co-founder of Basic Bananas, The Business Hood, Oceanlovers and Moments of Humanity. In 2013 she was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recognizing her innovation, creativity and philanthropic involvement. She’s a big believer in social business and is heavily involved in various ocean conservation and sustainability projects. And in her spare time Franziska loves going on adventures - on a recent one, she rode her motorbike from Switzerland to Kazakhstan along the Silk Road (12’000km) which made for interesting tales.

We had a great discussion about skillbuilding your courage. We talked about whether some people are naturally inclined to be courageous, how to tell what your courage boundaries are, and how they can change over time. 

We also chatted about why it takes bravery to commit to yourself and what you want, why great leaders have to be both vulnerable and congruent, and why we need to have internal motivation for everything we do. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Some of the best and most useful definitions of courage. 
  • Why we all have different courage boundaries and how these can change over time.
  • Common barriers to courage and how we can overcome them.
  • How Franziska has learned to be more courageous in her business and in her life as a whole. 
  • Why women in particular need to commit to what they really want, instead of being swayed by what everyone else wants. 
  • The crucial relationships between courage, congruency, commitment, and confidence. 

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