Everyone wants to be a thought leader, but there are so many ideas about what it actually means to be one. 

To me, thought leadership must be developed over years of practice and experience. It’s practiced. Tested. Validated. 

Thought leadership is done over the hard yards.

We all have something to contribute in the business arena. You are an entrepreneur because you have incredible ideas to contribute to the lives of others, and because you care about getting those ideas in front of people who need them.

But if we all call ourselves thought leaders, we dilute the title and shortcut our own development and journey. 

When we get out of sequence, whether we're building our business or focusing on our personal growth, it's hardly ever as fulfilling as we think it's going to be. And trying to jump ahead often creates more frustration and confusion than it would to work patiently at the tasks before us.

Enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship and focus on providing the best service you possibly can. Connect with other entrepreneurs along the way and be sure to take good care of yourself in the process. And when you have ideas and services that can change the world for the better, don't be afraid to share them. Show up every day - whether it's a work day or a recovery day - and do your best.

You might find that you became a thought leader along the way. <3