Make no mistake, women in business are navigating an arena.

When you decide to run your own business, you become a female gladiator, not only battling a world traditionally dominated by men but also battling all the internal struggles that surface as you create and grow your business.

Running your own business is tough and challenging for any gender, but women face specific battles they have to work through. 

I have been in the business arena on the front line for more than two decades. I have run multiple businesses, had multiple business partnerships, been a solopreneur, lived in the US and Australia and worked with thousands of women across the globe.

What I have learned in my time, is that women require a different set of skills and strategies to navigate the arena and achieve real success, fulfilment and liberation.

There is a lot of illusion about what it takes to create a business and life you love. It isn’t easy, and it requires getting real with yourself and handling the actual roadblocks in your way, which are internal more than external. It requires embracing the hard stuff and learning to step into courage and build your resilience.

My work is different because it is more about you than your business and it offers a different way to work in the business arena...a way that is more aligned with who we are.

It is a grounded and practical approach to dealing with the aspects of yourself that are sabotaging your success.

I arm women with the real tools that need to succeed, and that success is individually defined, not defined by external ideals.

My business coaching brings awareness and insight that will propel you forward more quickly and offers the essential skills you need to navigate the business arena effectively.

The important piece you will come to learn is that when the internal battles are handled, the external success becomes a lot easier to achieve.

Not all women love my programs, because the path requires honesty and an ability to look at the hard stuff. Getting honest is the only path to liberation.

Here are a few other reasons why my approach is different from your traditional business coaching or mentoring:

- It is designed specifically for women and how we operate
- It is designed to work from the inside out
- It includes both the internal work and the practical business structures
- It is an honest approach to navigating the arena; no b.s. and no hype
- It is grounded and sustainable
- It is built on decades of hands-on work with women, not from just my own personal story and not something I learned in an online course. 

If this sounds like a path you want to explore, let's connect.